Women were not allowed in the Berghoff until 1969, when seven members of the National Organization for Women had a stand-in.

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The Berghoff is now owned by a woman, a fourth generation Berghoff.

Great granddaughter, Carolyn, of founder Herman Berghoff, said:

Why he named it Berghoff Cafe instead of Berghoff Saloon remains a mystery, because it had a long mahogany bar with brass rail, spittons, and stools. I suspect he called it a cafe because it was located in the middle of the downtown shopping district dominated by department stores patronized by women. Great-grandfather was shrewd enough to realize that cafe sounded more genteel than saloon, even though he wasn't counting on women as customers. (The Berghoff was for men only, and Herman's vow that "ladies will not be seated at the bar" was not broken until 1969...).