The Reid Murdoch Building, on the north bank of the river between LaSalle and Clark, was used as a makeshift morgue during the recovery efforts of the Eastland disaster.

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And it was quite an ordeal:

The basement and 1st floor of the Reid, Murdoch & Company building are opened for the rescue and relief efforts. Operators are quickly secured to staff the telephone switchboard. Offices are appropriated for the work of the police department, the state's attorney, the coroner's jury, and the nurses and physicians.

Those who are clinging to life are taken to the first floor for treatment. The deceased are numbered and brought into the large, cement basement where volunteer embalmers are already at work. Police carefully search the victims' bodies for valuables and identifications, placing all papers and other articles in large envelopes on which are written the police numbers.

(This building seems to be commonly called the "Britannica Building" because of the sign on the North and South sides of its tower.)