Harry Caray's Restaurant bought the baseball Steve Bartman intercepted during a playoff Cubs game for $113k and ceremonially destroyed it to exorcise the Cubs' curse.

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In 2003, Cubs fan Steve Bartman caught a foul ball that probably would've been caught by the Cubs, maybe changing the course of the playoffs that year. After being escorted out of the park, mocked and taunted for years, his legend lives on: the ball was auctioned for over $113,000.

According to espn, "the original owner of the ball, who would identify himself only as Jim, signed an affidavit along with the three men sitting nearby stating his claim that this was indeed the so-called cursed ball."

According to mlb.com:

[Harry Carry's restaurant] took the remaining innards -- mostly loose string -- cleaned it, boiled it and infused it with Budweiser, vodka and some herbs and spices. And, oh yeah, they shot a laser beam through Caray's glasses into the large mixing vessel to capture his essence.

Said essence -- actually condensed water made from the vapors of the boiling concoction -- is being added to a signature marinara sauce to be served to willing Cubs fans at Harry Caray's

Too bad the curse still hasn't lifted.